Monday, August 15, 2011

Thyroglossal Duct Cyst, ACU 10 year Reunion and Juice Plus

For those of you medical crazies here is a picture of the cyst (it looks like an adams apple.) Yes, I have chicken skin.
Just a quarter of my ACU paraphernalia. Help a girl out here!

Probably the weirdest title EVER but it will all make sense in just a second. 3 months I decided to take make Juice Plus a more profitable thing for our family. 2 months ago I found that my 10 year reunion was this year at ACU and 3 weeks ago I found out I had a thyroglossal cyst.

How do these all connect? Well when I found out that my 10 year reunion was this October I REALLY wanted to go. I kept on running through scenarios in my head and not ONE made a ton of sense. Then... just like that, on a doctors visit in the US I found out about a cyst I had on my throat that needed to be removed. The ENT who diagnosed me also said I probably needed sinus surgery since it had gotten pretty bad since I had been living in Lima. Ok, so not the most normal reaction to get excited about surgery but I'm not going to lie, my first thought was "I can come and do it in October and go to homecoming, YES!"

Lee and I talked and we knew the surgery had to be done before December 31st (fun insurance stuff) so we came up with a plan (ok, more like I came up with a plan and tried to talk Lee into it.)
I figured out that it would take 36 new customers with Juice Plus to get me back home, have the surgery (and pay for my portion since they already graciously told me what my portion would be and that I would have to pay that before I came, dude they do NOT mess around anymore) and to get me to my homecoming at ACU. So that's how they all intertwine. Can't do one without the other.

Now your probably thinking I'm either desperate, stupid or really smart but just keep reading. I see people buying ALL kinds of stuff on the internet scentsy candles (which by the way are awesome and my friend sales them-, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay (my mom sales this and she's a beauty!) and don't get me started on home exercise equipment. Long story short is that people will put a lot of cash down for tons of stuff but won't look at a product twice that is WHOLE FOOD. Yes, that's what I said. Juice Plus is whole food. All it is, is fruits and veggies. Nothing fancy. You won't lose weight from it or gain muscle mass. It's a simple guarantee that you and your kids will get the nutrition you need.

So that leads me to this: I need 36 people to give it a try. It cost $41.75 a month and you will get 4 months worth at one time. A ton of my family and friends (so they aren't going to help me:) are on Juice Plus and can truly say it has bettered their health. I personally believe that any ailment you have (diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc...) can be helped or made worse by things you choose to put in your mouth. I'm asking you to make an investment into your health and the health of your kids.

If you are interested the REALLY cool part is that I will also gain from you becoming a healthier you! I will get to come back, enjoy my 10 year reunion and get my throat cut open all with your help! HAHA

Here is my website and you will find ANYTHING on there that you want about Juice Plus's research and their product. I've never believed in anything so much and I'm not just saying that because I need a ticket home.

36. 36 orders is all I need. PLEASE if you have ever even thought about trying Juice Plus and you still aren't sure but you just feel sorry for me then go ahead. If that's what it takes to get people on Juice Plus then I will sacrifice my body for you.
Ok, I'm getting a little dramatic but you get the point. 36

P.S. Just in case you are wondering, if you don't want to order because of this particular cause, the money that comes in on a regular basis goes into Lee's and I's mission fund so you are also supporting mission work by taking this awesome product. Just a little FYI


Holly said...

What an awesome idea!!! You are so creative and funny. I am LOL at you but love your passion (for sharing the Lord and helping people be healthy) and positive outlook on life (surgery). I would so buy this if I weren't already on it and LOVING IT!!!! Love you friend!! H

Anonymous said...

Hannah had that exact same type of cyst a year ago. She had it removed right before Adam was born. I will definitely check out the Juice Plus website. Hoping you get to come home and that maybe I could see you. :)