Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Note From Sofia

*A few days ago during a late night discussion Sofia came up with an awesome idea. Not everything is set in stone but she was ready to launch it today so here we are. All of this is in her words:) Pictures to come...

Hi, this is Sofia. I am 6 years old. I live in Lima, Peru. I have an idea. It's called Picture a House. Every week I go up to Villa Maria (a poor place) where kids don't have food and nice houses. The mountain is dirty. They don't have clean clothes.

We want to help them with their stuff. Me and my mom and dad help them by going up the mountain every week. We have church with them. Church is fun for them. They like it.

That means I am going to help them with their houses. Me and them are friends. I am going to take pictures by myself (with an adult) in Villa Maria. Then I will put them on the blog. You can buy the pictures on the blog and they will be sent to your house. My mommy told me that a house cost $500. The money you send will go to a bank and then my mommy and daddy will get it out of the bank and we will go buy stuff for a house that is mommy's best friend-Elvira.

I will have pictures soon. Thank you for listening to me. My mom will tell you my address later to send the money.

Please pray for them they are really poor. They almost don't have mommies and daddies.


Sofia Fletcher


Anonymous said...

Sofia - We are very proud of you for this great idea. You and your family are doing important things. We love you. Bob, Suzetta and Ryan

Anonymous said...

What an amazing girl you are. I would love to help with Elvira's house and others on the mountain.
Teresa Netz

c.haught said...

What a GREAT idea! I can't wait to help you. You are one smart little chicken :)

Cathy Haught