Sunday, October 30, 2011

Liam's Birthday

Liam the last night as a 1 year old:(
King for the day at his school for his birthday
Liam blowing out his candles (I know he looks a little special in this picture:)
His Mickey Mouse party table
Liam and Mama
Loved Maddox's face in this while all the kids by Liam are stuffing their faces
Mom (Nana) worked her magic again with the cake
The team kids watching a Mickey Mouse movie at the party

I'm catching up on the blog today so I will be posting about 80 posts today, haha.

October 5th Liam Pierce turned 2!!! I seriously cannot believe how BIG he is. Here are a few of his favorite things:
Ever since we went to Disney in July he has been OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse!
He only watches Mickey Mouse on tv or videos
He LOVES all kinds of animals, animal books and animal noises
He loves getting up early and going to Sofia's room to play with her while mommy sleeps in a little:)
He loves playing with Sally (our little Shitzu)
His favorite thing is to dance to music that is loud and has a good beat (I'm serious he will cry if the song is not upbeat and loud)
His favorite people are Meche (the lady who works in our home), Liz (our Aussi friend), Gaby (his Peruvian sister:) and our interns.

Fun Facts about Liam:
Liam is the tallest of our kids (at this age not in general, haha)
He is really starting to talk but is just a little behind on his speech but we love him anyway:) He talks though as if we understand every word!
He makes us laugh EVERY single day between his facial expressions and his dance moves!
He will sit and color on a blank piece of paper for at least 10 minutes in one setting, it's incredible! He will lay on his tummy and just get after it, he's an artist!
He calls every book a bible
He will not lay calmly in his bed until I have whispered in his ear that Jesus loves him and then go through all of our family members (been doing this with him since he was a baby so I guess he got used to it:)
He is still holding tight to his pacy and blanket but soon they are going BYE-BYE:)
He goes to school 3 days a week for 3 hours in the mornings and LOVES it!!! He's in the same school as Maddox and he loves his teachers, the crafts and every bit of it. It's been SUCH a blessing for us and building his language skills.

Well just wanted to let you all in on the life of our sweet Liam. We had such a fun birthday party for him. We had a Mickey Mouse party and the coolest thing was that my grandma and my mom were able to come down for the party!!! Lots of people came to love on Liam and he truly had a blast.

Can't to see what this year has in store with full sentences, potty training and lots of other fun stuff!

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