Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Juice Plus

One of the questions we're asked from time to time is how people can help what we do here in Peru.  Well, to answer that, I want to first say thanks so much for asking! The interest in us alone, but also the willingness to help, means the world to us.  In addition, though, I'd point out two ways that are of tremendous help and encouragement to us.

One is the numerous prayers that are lifted up on our behalf.  We find such peace in knowing that our friends and family believe in the power of prayer and we know that the Father hears the pleas of his children on our behalf.  In all honesty, at times, being reminded of the prayers so many offer for us is the blanket of peace we find ourselves desperately needing at times.

Another is to help with our financial needs.  One way we've been trying to meet our financial needs is through selling Juice Plus+, a whole-food supplement that we've taken now for almost ten years.  This truly is a great product that is fantastic for your health.  What we like about this product is that not only does selling it help meet our financial needs but those that purchase it benefit tremendously by taking the product.  If you've never heard of Juice Plus+ and you think you'd been interested in trying it, please click here where you'll find all kinds of great info.  You can also contact us personally via email ( or phone (325.480.4477) as we'd love to tell you why this would be a good supplement for you and how it would truly help our ministry needs.

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