Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where do I start....

Well once again I am overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I need to fill you in on so BARE with me.  I'm going to try and post a little today and it might be all over the place with a little back-tracking in between:)

Two weeks ago Maddox started his first year at San Jorge (the same school Sofia has been in) as a pre-schooler.  He likes school but is not too keen on the early wake up time:)  First day of school he didn't want any help going in and ran to his class (as you can see by the picture.)

Sofia started 2nd grade.  Just saying that brings a tear to my eye.  She just turned 7 this past week and I still think of her as being so little and 2nd grade is just so big!!!  I mean it's just 7 years until high school!  Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself.  Sofia was a little apprehensive about going back to school but she is doing awesome and we are going to forge ahead.

Here are a few pictures to enjoy.  Are they not just precious in their uniforms???

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Olivia said...

Oh my gosh....these photos are so cute. Sofia looks like a little lady now and Maddox is SOOOOO cute. Watch out ladies!!!! Praying for all of you and believing in your purpose.