Friday, March 01, 2013

Welcome to the Jungle...

...we got fun and games (you knew that was coming, didn't you?).

After a long dry spell, I wanted to break open the blog again with a brief post about our most recent trip in Peru.  Ever since being here, we've wanted to travel and see this place a bit.  Its not always easy to make it happen due to time and work constraints (as well as cash flow, ha!) but when we can we've enjoyed seeing different places here.

Just recently we visited Iquitos.  We'd been to the jungle before but never the deep jungle but now we can say we have.  In short, the trip was amazing.  We got to spend some great time as a family, see some amazing animals, hear the sounds and see the sights, and also spend the trip with some good friends that went with us (the Goodfellows, check out their blog post:

Apart from a snag at departure (Lee missed our flight to Iquitos because he HAD to take his BB gun and the Peruvians threw a hissy-fit (no worries, he got on the next one soon after) and a trip to the hospital (Maddox got to feeling pretty nasty), we had an amazing time.  We ate the local foods (such as Suri (a grub worm (, homemade sausage (wouldn't recommend it), great fruit, amazing fish from the rivers, and even some Texas BBQ at the Yellow Rose of Texas which was good but way overrated and certainly not Texan (I think the guy is actually Cajun.)  We also saw some jaguars, held monkeys (an item on my bucket list!), swam in the rivers, saw the Amazon and road in I don't know how many boats.  Our lodge was in a local village of about 300 people which was an amazing place.  We'd walk the dirt roads in the afternoons and talk to the villagers and Lee even got asked to preach (which he did) at a Catholic church that only has a priest come once every three months.  Picture a small village church, maybe 20 people present, and almost pitch black minus 3 small candles burning.  Those that were there were so kind to us and so sweet to allow Lee to speak.  In short, the trip was wonderful.  We made some memories for a life-time!

I've posted a few pics so you can see a little bit of what we we're blessed to see and do.

                              The 3 Stooges                                                          Mogli resting up
                This pic shows their personalities


                   Some of the kids out for a row                                               What a cutie!


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