Monday, March 17, 2014

The One Year Malaria Anniversary (is that seriously a TITLE?!?!)

Ok, so first of all I'm going to have to admit that as I got on the blog to write tonight I could NOT remember how to log in.  That means... I'm not a blogger.  I also noticed (when I finally figured it out) that we had ONE yes ONE post (the adoption announcement) in between when I posted about our awesome jungle trip (you know that place that the CDC here in Lima told us NOT to take malaria medicine because there wasn't any there:)

I honestly can't believe it's been a year since the most awesome man in my life got bit by a dumb mosquito and caused our family to go through two of the worst weeks of our lives.  I don't need to recount those two weeks because I'm sure you know the gist of it but I will say this- I am SO thankful that God answered our fervent prayers in the way we were begging.   I've told the story too many times to count but the part that gets me all teary each time is the way that God POURED out his blessings on our family during the month of March.  I still sometimes recall a kind act that I had forgotten about.  Like as I was planning my kids parties the last couple weeks, it made me remember how the Wissmans and their whole Chorillos crew came an hour early to Maddox's party and literally threw the whole party together in 45 minutes.  I mean people this list could go ON and ON.  My brother was in San Antonio hunting down doctors in random hospitals to get advice.  My teammates spent EVERY hour by my side just so we had two people with Lee at all times.  My best friend from high school (a nurse) was gathering info and emailing me non-stop.  Ok, I better stop or I could seriously go ALL night.

This is just all to say that God is GOOD!  It irritates me to the core that I doubt this so much when I have the perfect example of that every time I see my hotty of a husband walking around our house and wrestling with our kids.  Man, I am blessed.  Anyway, just wanted to acknowledge that it has been a year and we have made it through with flying colors (minus that little relapse in May:)
He is doing awesome and I love him more with every day that goes by.  

Happy Malaria Survival Day!!!

 The day we thought he looked AWESOME!  Then soon to get tons of messages telling me how horrible he looked, HAHA!  Hey in comparison he DID look awesome here:)
This picture of the room gives the chills and I would be ok if we NEVER went there again:) Spent WAY too many hours here.

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Christian Simple said...

God is Good.. this is the example of His words. God Bless! TheFamily