Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend with Dad

Stephanie's spent the past few days with a few of her girlfriends relaxing at a rented house and being pampered in every since of the word. She's enjoyed facials, body scrubs, multiple massages, fine food, pool-side time and good conversation over an overall relaxing few days. Really and truly, I am very happy for her. She has needed some time away from the complexities of life, pregnancy and our current situation of waiting.

In the meantime, I've had the privilege of a few days of dad & son/daughter time. Although its had its daunting moments (such as just having to spank Maddox for the second time for not staying in bed during his nap), I've personally had a wonderful time spoiling them a bit. Thus far we've gone to the park, shared freshly squeezed lemonade (a favorite of all three of us), eaten at Mr. Gatti's for pizza and played video games, swam and played in the water at our home, gone to McDonald's, visited the mall and, just last night, we went to the movies to see "Up" in 3D (Maddox and Sofia at first did amazingly well with the 3D glasses but that, in time, lost its allure).

I haven't taken a whole lot of pictures of our time together except for the few below. Sofia cashed in her tickets from the Gatti's games to purchase fake mustaches. What else would a 4 year old girl need or want?

The Three Stooges.

Not sure why but I think "Pancho Villa" when I see this photo of Maddox.

Sofia 'Groucho Marx' Fletcher

A Don Juan wanna-be.
The glisten you see on my face is actually sweat, a direct result of
my single hood over the past days.

Beyond the good times with my two kids, I've been struck with an added measure of my already immense appreciation for my wife...for women across the globe! You all are simply amazing. In my calculations, over the past days I've prepared at least 5 meals, changed a bunch of diapers, medicated bug bites, played games, cleaned up the same room ten times over, fixed drinks (no not those kind but that might be a good idea), read stories, watched movies, changed clothes, and tons of other regulars you ladies do daily. Again, my hats off to you. I can only imagine what its going to be like when Steph has her girl weekends after having our third child. Its very apparent that I am already out-matched.

And, oddly enough, it seems these things never end. I'm going to need to close now and go discipline Maddox for getting out of bed...again. Third time's a charm!


Kim, Aaron, Jake, Jack and Baby #3 said...

Haha! I love it! What a fun weekend. I have to admit, I am so jealous. Think I'll be informing Aaron I need a few days like that before our #3 comes, too! Thanks for the GREAT idea! :) Steph, we still gotta get together!

daddyO and honey said...

we love your family. the pictures are adorable!! blessings.