Tuesday, August 04, 2009

8 Months and Counting

I thought I would post a very brief update on the Fletcher Fam since so many have been asking about our "plans." I almost laugh now when I begin to make plans because our plans have changed so many times since December but for the sake of our sanity this is what the next few months will look like and things we would love for you all to partner in prayer with us about:

Stephanie: I started my eighth month of pregnancy this past Sunday. Although I feel good (for being pregnant) this San Antonio heat is about to do me IN (the kids and I are staying with my parents while Lee is gone.) Baby Boy Fletch is moving quite a bit and even kicks so hard in certain spots (that are really sensitive from the shots) that it makes me jump. I'm so grateful though for every pain, kick, shot and anything that reminds me of the life inside my belly. I miss Lee a ton while he is in Peru but I know that our transition will be that much easier because of the work he's doing now. Please pray for peace during the rest of my pregnancy and that I can keep on top of the packing game so it's not so overwhelming at the end of our time here (packing all of our stuff, having a garage sale and saying all of our goodbyes seems a little overwhelming with a one week old!)

Lee: Lee has been in Peru since July 20th and was suppose to be home tomorrow (Wed.) but will be delayed because of the arrival of our container. We aren't surprised but just wish he could be home. He has got us a home, appliances and a bed! This is so exciting and surreal. Our plan is to leave 3-4 weeks after the baby gets here. I know most people think this is crazy but well... welcome to our lives. When Lee gets back we will be spending the rest of our times in Abilene besides a few trips to visit supporters and family. We should be in Peru by mid to late November!!! Please pray for continues guidance and strength as he guides our family into the next phase of our journey. Also, prayers for him to get home SOON!

Sofia: Sofia has one more appointment with her cardiologist in August and hopefully he will give her a clean bill of health. We will then just have to see a cardiologist every few months while we are living in Peru. She is doing great and will be able to start school this fall for a few months before we leave. She will then enter a school in Peru pretty soon after we get there. What a trooper! Prayers for her heart to be totally healed and that God will give her reassurance during all these transitions. Prayers that as she leaves all her precious friends in the US that God will bring some sweet friends in Peru.

Maddox: Maddox is just Maddox. He's hilarious and loves life. He will also go two days a week to a Mother's Day Out in the fall. His health is good and for this we are thankful. Prayers that God will keep him healthy during our transition (he seems to get sicker in the fall because of his asthma) and that God also helps him transition from being "the baby" to "the middle" child. Lots of transitioning at the same time-new country and new position in the family.

Well I hope this helps answer some of the questions and if not just write a comment and I'll be glad to answer it. Thank you for your continuous prayers.


Dan and Jenna Kryder said...

Thanks for the update! Many people think we are crazy two- having a baby with no income? while mom is in optometry school? planning a 2 week only maternity leave? well, a friend of mine made me feel better at my baby shower last weekend. i'll tell you what she told me: whatever you do will be PERFECT. perfect for you. that helped me to at least not compare myself to friend who think a 3 month maternity leave isn't long enough and friend who stay home full time with their children. i know school isn't quite the same as moving across the world- but know we are praying for your family and thinking about you!!!

Megan said...

We were blessed to meet Lee this week. teamAREQUIPA is going through the visa process. I will be excited to meet you when that time comes. Know that we are praying for you and your baby in Arequipa.

Megan McKinzie

hannah said...

Thanks for the great update! Praying for all of you..! :)