Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ode to Friends

Our fam enjoyed some fantastic time with good friends this past week. Our journey took us first to Dallas where we spent time with the Batchelor family, a family that we've enjoyed knowing for quite some time. Amy Batchelor actually lived with Steph and her family in St. Louis when she was going through the St. Louis Spiritual Internship directed by Stephanie's grandfather and then, later on, Steph's dad. Our time with the Batchelors, however, was the first time our families actually "hung out" some which was both good and bad. Good in the sense that we had a wonderful time with them...and I really, really mean a wonderful time. But also bad in the sense that our families should have been spending time with each other for years! They are fabulous friends.

American Idol's Under 10 Division

Me hanging out with the kids while the mom's went for pedicures. Yes, that is sweat glistening on my neck and chin. And, yes, my shirt is darkened due to sweat.
I had the bright idea to pull the kids around the house riding on a blanket.

We also got to enjoy a wonderful dinner with Stephanie's grandmother in Gladewater, just east of Dallas. It was absolutely precious to see our kids interact with one of their great-grandmothers. Grandma Grigg loved on and spoiled our kids and it was evident that Sofia and Maddox enjoyed being with her as well. I am glad we got to do this and I'm glad we got to watch them enjoy being with each other.

Dinner with Great-Grandma Grigg!

Two other sweet people we spent time with were our friends Courtney and Emily. These sweet girls know how to have a great time! After meeting them in downtown Fort Worth, they treated us to a meal at Pei Wei where we enjoyed some amazing food and even better conversation. These two ladies have, since day one, been very supportive of us and our dreams for Peru. It is always a pleasure to spend time with them and they both are talking about coming to visit us soon in Peru. That's something we are certainly looking forward to.

Last, but most certainly not least, we visited our friends the Turner's who have two sweet kids about Sofia and Maddox's ages. Unfortunately, their family is going through some difficult health concerns right now so our time together needed to be limited. We did however get to let our kids play and we got to visit some with our dear friends. Please offer a prayer on their behalf as they trust God to provide healing in the weeks ahead. Can't wait to see and hang out with them soon...they too are lots of fun to be with.

Four precious Turner and Fletcher kids.

I am truly grateful for friends...not only do we have some of the best friends in the world (those listed above and others as well), but these friends are walking along side us on the "journey in Peru." As you can imagine, we are excited to be going (to Peru that is), but we are even more excited to be walking this road with wonderfully supportive friends. I can't imagine traveling this road without those that champion our efforts and want, like we do, to serve and share the good news of Christ with the people of Peru.

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emily anna said...

Love you guys... thank you so much for all of your help the other day. It was so good to spend a little time with you! Claire and Luke have not stopped talking about it. OH, and Luke will not take the jersey off! :) Nanna has washed it 4 times already! :)