Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lee's Birthday

My sweet husband turned 33 this past Tuesday. We had such a fun day. It was filled with teammates, our new Peruvian friends and tons of messages from friends and family back home.

For Lee, I don't think it could have gotten any better. We had a little get-together with our team to share some cake and sing, some other guys came by to wish him happy birthday throughout the day and even our sweet friend who washes cars on our street came by to wash the car as a gift to Lee. I truly think it wasn't just a testament that Lee is loved but that God has been working through him to bring Peruvians into our lives that truly care about what we are doing and who we are.

That night we got to go out to a really nice private "club" (and no it's not a dancing place) with two Peruvian couples and our teammates John Mark and Tara. I sat and looked around the table as everyone was talking to each other and was overwhelmed by how blessed Lee and I were. The two Peruvian couples that were there were meeting each other for the first time and in a city of 9 million people found out that they just met one of the girls brother's and his wife this past week at church! It was so fun having our closest Peruvian friends and our amazing teammates meet each other and see God bring 8 people who don't speak the same language into such "community."
The two couples are really strong Christians and that was something Lee and I had been praying for, for a long time and God was SO good to us. We LOVE Christina, Daniel, Meirko and Leidy and the awesome times we have gotten to spend with them.

Oh but wait this is about my amazing husband and his day. So... I decided to video the different times we sang happy birthday to him and I thought you might enjoy the different versions!
He was such a good sport in the "gift" department because we were making a BBQ pit for our patio, to be able to have grill-outs with groups and so that counted as his birthday present. I didn't have anything for him to open because I thought it would be done by his birthday but as all things go here as far as timeliness, it wasn't ready. Well post of pic of the PIT when it's done though.
Have I mentioned that I am married to the most incredible man EVER? Well I am.
Happy birthday Babe! I'm so blessed to call you my best friend.

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Holly said...

How fun! So glad your birthday was Happy Lee! It's so wonderful to see how much you guys are loved there. Miss you!