Wednesday, August 18, 2010


After talking to a friend today, I decided that I needed to write a disclaimer for two reasons. One reason is because I have heard numerous comments about the picture that I posted a few posts back of Maddox tied up in his rope. When I let him sleep with that rope I checked on him NUMEROUS times which is why I even got a picture of it. Since that picture he has NEVER slept with a rope or any other object that would harm him. I used my brain when I saw what he did and realized what kind of danger he could put himself in.
I feel almost ridiculous writing this post and thought about not writing it at all but I feel like I need to proclaim my innocence since it might be seen as something quite different.

When I blog, I am blogging strickly for the purpose of my friends and family. I do know that there are a lot of people that might read our blog and don't know my personality, parenting style, honesty, frankness, jokes etc... and this is my second reason for this disclaimer- I am always going to blog very openly, tastefully, securely, out of love (maybe sometimes frustration :) and for the sole purpose of keeping our friends and family in the loop of our lives. I blog with the FULL knowledge that I am not a perfect parent, wife, friend, missionary and that I make mistakes and that if I make anyone look bad on this blog its gonna be me and not anyone else.

The truth is that I parent the best that I can and know how. A lot of days I mess up and then start over. I choose some things such as vinegar (which is the one thing I got from a christian author on parenting) and other means to discipline my kids.

The only thing I can say and say in the most loving way is that I don't mind if you read this blog (which is why it's not a "closed" blog or whatever you call that, yet) and have concerns if you KNOW me but if you don't know us then please just contact me personally and I truly don't mind listening to your comments.

I have heard through the grapevine about people reading blogs and major issues happening from them and thought that was so foreign and weird. Well... looks like I might have found the reason why I never wanted to enter the world of blogging (but did because of our move overseas.) Sincerely I am not writing this out of anger or frustration and hope it doesn't come across that way. Lee is probably going to think that I am out of my EVER-LOVING-MIND but I just wanted to share all of this in the hopes of stomping out any small fires I might have lit.

I hope and pray this blog is encouraging, makes you laugh, makes you smile/cry, makes you feel better about yourself (haha), makes you see into our world as a crazy family here in Peru and most of all that we are 5 imperfect humans serving the Lord and sharing our stories.


Holly said...

Well said sista! I have no idea what's being said, but I know you and Lee top to bottom, inside and out and you guys are AWESOME parents! We all make mistakes and learn from them and hopefully teach others along the way. I love you!!!

Jim Cottrill said...

Ah, the joys of blogging! :) Glad you're choosing to keep going, in spite of the challenges.

Shaun Wissmann said...

I maintain my stance: when I watch Lee with the kids it makes me want to be a daddy. When I watch you with the kids I can't wait until the Lord blesses us with kids so Amanda can be a mommy. Satan is obviously trying to go at you guys hard, and from all angles.

We love your hearts, we love your kids hearts, and God is using you ALL mightily. You guys are planting, nurturing, and loving people in a beautiful way. I love the fact that you all are working out your faith.

At the end of they day, I think of this. My parents weren't perfect, but they sure tried hard. That didn't stop me from making poor decisions, lying, stealing, etc. You guys are raising your kids in the name of Jesus, and giving them daily examples of a perfect, loving Father. I will always say amen to that!

(By the way, it takes a big person to run into their child's room and admit their mistake, AND apologize for it. Those kind of opportunities will preach for years into their lives).

Kyle Smith said...

Again your sincerity and honesty are refreshing. Thanks Stephanie.