Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Maddox's Take On Grace

I thought it was only fair to get a video of Maddox's perspective on grace. Especially after this happened:
This past Sunday I had a TERRIBLE parenting moment and gave myself an F- for the day. During church service Liam has been taking a nap in his room and I told Maddox and the rest of the kids that were coming upstairs not to go in Liam/Maddox's room. Well about 30 minutes later I heard Liam crying and Sofia came and told me that Maddox had gone in there (mistake number 1-listening to the 5 year old sibling without questioning the story further.) I quickly whisked Maddox into my room and started in on my questioning. He kept denying that he had gone into his room but Liam's door was wide open and I knew I had shut it. So I (thought) knew he was lying. In my defense he has lied a couple of times lately to avoid getting into trouble so I assumed that this was the same scenario. Anyway he kept saying he hadn't gone in there. I finally told him that he had one last chance to tell me the truth or he was going to get 2 spankings.
He denied it one last time with lots and lots of tears and after telling him how sad I was that I was going to have to spank him for not telling me the truth, I gave him his spankings. About 10 seconds later I caught a glimpse of my friend Leidy from church holding Liam in his room. I ran in there and asked her if the door was open before she came in and she said "oh no, I just heard Liam crying so I came in to get him."
My heart SUNK! I couldn't believe what I had just done! I RAN back into the room scoop Maddox up and with tears in my eyes told him over and over again how sorry I was and that he HAD told me the truth. With tears still coming down his cheeks he said "I told you mommy that I didn't open the door but it's ok I'll give you grace." I could have just died at that moment. Not only had he been wronged but in that moment I realized he DID somewhat understand the meaning of grace. Thank you Lord that our kids are forgiving and truly do give us grace.


Holly said...

Love me some Maddox!! Thank goodness we get water with our grace! ha, ha

Anonymous said...

adorable :)

JHW said...

hmmm, i'm thinking i may use the vinegar idea when abigail says her potty words...i am getting SO tired of that! she has like 2 words she just will NOT stop saying. Loved the lessons on grace!!