Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It seems like most days I am enjoying quite a bit of humble pie since we have arrived in Peru. Most of these instances have been because I have noticed what a complaining, uneducated, petty person I am. I'm NOT trying to be down on myself but I'm just keeping it real.

Yesterday I went to the gym (this was humbling in itself but not the story I'm talking about) and when I came out I stood at my car for nearly five minutes in awe. Please picture this with me if you will. The gym is on the bottom floor of a LARGE grocery store that resembles a Super Walmart. The entrance of the store is on the street level and there were probably 250 Peruvians in a line that went half way around the entire store. So picture a line of people half way around Walmart (like the day after Thanksgiving :)

I was looking around for a second wondering if I needed to jump in line cause something really cool was about to happen and then I noticed the brown envelopes. Each person was carrying a brown envelope and then it hit me... they were ALL applying for a position at this grocery store. Now to some of you your probably wondering why this impacts me so much so let me explain. There was probably only a few jobs open as either a bagger or cashier and there were literally 250 people that were probably going to wait HOURS for the chance to apply.

Though Peru has it's issues, like ALL nations in this world, they are the hardest work-seeking people I have ever seen. Sure sometimes service isn't awesome but how would you feel working your tail off for .80 cents an hour? Here, they will DO anything to work- wash cars in parking lots while your waiting, guard your car while your waiting, deliver ANYTHING to your house, clean your house, paint, garden, watch your children, walk your pets, clean the sidewalks and extremely dangerous streets, drive you, cook for you, WHATEVER!

I know I for sure take for granted how good I have it. When I stood there looking at those people waiting in line for just the chance to apply, it made me want to run out to them and bring them all drinks while they waited.

I know Lee and I made the choice to come to Peru to start a body of believers here and God is working through us to do that BUT... I'm already seeing that I'M the one that's going to leave here a different person. I have been praying for a while that God uses this experience to refine me and grow enormously in my relationship with him and He is answering that prayer everyday. Some days absolutely suck (sorry for the crudeness) and some days are incredible but EVERYDAY I am learning something new about myself, my family, my parenting, my friends, the Peruvians and most importantly about my God.

Join me in trying NOT to complain today and the days to come. We are blessed.


Holly said...

True that sista. True to ALL that!

danny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
danny said...

Love you, Stephanie, and your sweet, tender heart. Susan

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