Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"It's All Going to Burn Anyway"

The title of this post is a famous quote from my incredible Grandma-Marie Shipp. She is known for coming up with some awesome and off-the-wall quotes. One day we were out eating with my Grandma and talking about her losing something and the stories starting going around about things we had lost or broken. My sweet Grandma just looked up and said "oh who cares, it's all going to burn anyway!" We all just died laughing! Though... she had a point. All of our stuff is just stuff we are using on this temporary journey here on earth.

Well for some reason the past few weeks we have put that to the test, haha. Two times in the last few weeks I have mentioned to friends about how living in Peru, I have become less attached "things." I told them that in my house I would really only be sad to lose all of our pictures but that everything else is replaceable. Being gone to the US for so long we were very aware that we were putting our house and everything in it in a vulnerable position because of theft being so high here. When Lee and I were given iphones from friends of ours we both looked at each other and said "let's just enjoy them while we can:)" (Let's just say cell phones have a high rate of turn-over into "other peoples hands".)

So when we got back to Peru I realized that there were two more things besides my pictures that I was really attached to, my Keurig machine and my Anthropolie comforter that was given to me by a friend. While we were gone I had the comforter taken to a dry cleaners that used NOTHING dry and my comforter now has about 400 lumps of cotton sticking up all around the whole comforter. My Keurig was also accidentally plugged in without the converter and it blew up. All this to say that I had a ways to go with "not being attached to material things."

Well yesterday we were in the car talking to a friend about how much we LOVED driving an old mini van. It gave us so much freedom to relax every time we hit a curb, ran over a curb, had the kids tip Lee's motorcycle into the car etc... We were joking about the fact that we would NEVER want to buy a nice car for the simple fact that it's kind of nice never getting stressed out about our car and all it's character marks.

So..... today one of our youth girls who has been wanting to learn how to drive for a few years, finally got to take the wheel of our van with myself and Jenny (our intern.) She was nervous and excited all at the same time. I had to teach her everything from only using one foot to which pedal was what. It started off a little rough but little by little she got the hang of it and we decided to head back to the house into the garage.... Long story short-car meets wall, I scream "BRAKE (in Spanish)" five times, Jenny braces herself and I fly forward to try and grab the wheel to no avail.

I just started DYING laughing, Gaby (our Peruvian friend) couldn't talk, Sofia is standing in the middle of the garage with her hand covering her mouth in shock and Jenny just burst into laughter with me.

I felt SOOOOOOO bad for Gaby who just could not believe what had happened. We laughed for about an hour, called Lee who came home after a bible study and did a great job making her laugh and then she made the dreaded call to her mom which made me laugh even harder! We told her how we had JUST been talking about how cool we thought it was to not have to worry about dents in our car. It's true though "it's all going to burn anyway!" :)

Enjoy some funny pics! Oh and I told Gaby I was going to post this and she was ok with it:)

Gaby next to her "mark"
Gaby making her "I can't believe this happened" face
The dent


Nana said...

Wow! nothing like getting you right where it hurts..YOUR KUERIG and COMFORTER! yikes. your other stuff will seem insignificant after those things! hmmm did I hear that Maddox and Sofia were wanting a Keurig for their birthdays???? just kidding!

love you!

Holly said...

Oh no, I know how much you loved both of those! So sad for you! But, way to have a good attitude. I love it that you laughed when Gabby added to your crazy week. I love that about you!!!! Miss you sweet friend!